FedExLocatorReply Elements

Successful reply data (based on your search criteria) are returned in a FedExLocatorReply:

Element Description
DropOffLocations Descriptive information about the drop off location can include the following:
  • Distance from request address
  • Hold at Location allowed
  • Hours of operation (Monday through Friday)
  • Saturday hours of operation
  • Last Express drop-off time (Monday through Friday)
  • Last Saturday Express drop-off time
  • Accepts dangerous goods
  • Provides packaging supplies
  • Provides packaging services
  • FedEx Returns System location
  • Last ground drop-off time (Monday through Friday)
  • Last Saturday Ground drop-off time
  • FedEx Express location
  • FedEx Ground location
AvailableRecordCount The total number of locations that matched the request criteria, up to 500.