FedExLocatorRequest Elements

In addition to the basic request elements required for all transactions as described in the Introduction, the following elements are available when coding a FedExLocatorRequest:

Element Required Description
BeginningRecordIndex No The index of first location to be returned from all matching locations. Defaults to 1.
MaximumMatchCount No Specify the maximum number of locations to be returned in the reply. You may request up to 25 locations within a 50 mile radius of your address. The default is 10 locations.
DistanceUnits No The unit of measure for the distance returned. Values are: MI (miles) and KM (kilometers). Default is MI.
NearToPhoneNumber No You may search for locations by phone number instead of address. This element is required if NearToAddress is not provided.
NearToAddress No You may search for locations by address. You must either include the Postal Code or the City, State, and/or Province Code for this selection. This element is required if NearToPhoneNumber is not provided.
CountryCode Yes Identifies country for drop-off location. Valid entries are U.S. (United States) and CA (Canada). The default is U.S.
DropoffServicesDesired No The following drop-off service identifiers are used in the request to narrow your search:
  • Express
  • Ground
  • FedExStaffed
  • FedExSelfService
  • FedExAuthorizedShippingCenter
  • LatestExpressDropOff
  • ExpressDropoffAfterTime
  • HoldAtLocation
  • GroundHoldAtLocation
  • DangerousGoods
  • SaturdayService
  • PackingSupplies
  • PackingServices
  • ReturnSystem (locations that support the FedEx® Returns System service)
  • SearchSameStateOnly