MPS C.O.D. Request Elements

Note: The maximum number of packages in an MPS request is 100.
Element Package/Shipment Level Description
RequestedPackageLineItems/SequenceNumber Package Required for multiple-package shipments. Each C.O.D. shipment must contain a SequenceNumber. For example, the first package (also known as the master package) has a sequence number of 1. All additional packages are numbered sequentially. This number system is important because the master package carries shipment-level information.
MasterTrackingId Package Required for multiple-package shipments. The reply for the first package (master package) in a C.O.D. shipment includes the MasterTrackingId element. This element includes both the MasterTrackingNumber and FormID. For each subsequent ship request for an MPS C.O.D., the MasterTrackingId (with MasterTrackingNumber and FormID) element is required.
PackageCount Shipment Total number of packages in the MPS C.O.D. shipment. Include this element in the master package request. The maximum number of packages in one rate request is 200.
TotalWeight Shipment Total shipment weight is added to the master package in the multiple-package shipment and contains the total weight of all packages in the shipment.
CodReturnTrackingId Shipment The CodReturnTrackingId (including TrackingNumber and FormID) is returned in the master package reply. This ID is required on the final package in an MPS C.O.D. shipment.