NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Include the following elements to produce a NAFTA Certificate of Origin:

Element Required or Optional Description
CreatePendingShipmentRequest/RequestedShipment/Shipper Party/Tins TaxpayerIdentification Optional Specify Shipper tax identification number and type.
RequestedShipment/Recipient Party/Tins TaxpayerIdentification Optional Specify Recipient tax identification number and type if known.
RequestedShipment/SpecialServicesRequested ShipmentSpecialServicesRequested/ SpecialServicesTypes Optional Specify ELECTRONIC_TRADE_DOCUMENTS to send this document electronically.
RequestedShipment/SpecialServicesRequested ShipmentSpecialServicesRequested/EtdDetail/ RequestedDocumentCopies Optional Specify NAFTA_CERTIFICATE_OF_ORIGIN if you want to send this document electronically and also receive a copy of this document in reply.
RequestedShipment/CustomsClearanceDetail/Broker Optional Specify Broker information only if you are using Broker Select Option for your shipment.
CustomsClearanceDetail/ImporterofRecord Optional Specify Importer of Record information if different from Recipient.
CustomsClearanceDetail/CustomsValue Optional Specify customs value for your entire shipment.
CustomsClearanceDetail/InsuranceCharges Optional Specify insurance charges if applicable.
Note: FedEx does not provide insurance of any kind.
CustomsClearanceDetail/PartiesToTransactionAreRelated Optional Specify if parties to transactions are related.

Valid values are:



CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/Name Optional Specify name of the commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ NumberOfPieces Required Specify number of pieces for the commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/Description Optional Specify description of the commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/CountryOfManufacture Required Specify country where commodity was manufactured.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/HarmonizedCode Optional Specify Harmonized Code for commodity. Refer to the FedEx® Global Trade Manager for Harmonized Codes.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/Weight Required Specify weight of commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/Quantity Optional Specify quantity of commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/QuantityUnits Optional Unit of measure used to express the quantity of this commodity line item.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/AdditionalMeasures Optional Contains only additional quantitative information other than weight and quantity to calculate duties and taxes.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity /UnitPrice Optional Value of each unit in Quantity. Six explicit decimal positions, Max length 18 including decimal.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ CustomsValue Optional Specify customs value for commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ExciseConditions Optional Defines additional characteristic of commodity used to calculate duties and taxes.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ExportLicenseNumber Optional Applicable to U.S. export shipping only.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ExportLicenseExpirationDate Optional Date of expiration. Must be at least 1 day into future. The date that the Commerce Export License expires. Export License commodities may not be exported from the U.S. on an expired license. Applicable to U.S. shipping only. Required only if commodity is shipped on commerce export license, and Export License Number is supplied.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/CIMarksAndNumbers Optional An identifying mark or number used on the packaging of a shipment to help customers identify a particular shipment.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/NaftaDetail NaftaCommodityDetail Optional All data required for this commodity in NAFTA Certificate of Origin.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ NaftaDetail NaftaCommodityDetail/PreferenceCriterion Optional Specify preference criterion. Valid values are:
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ NaftaDetail NaftaCommodityDetail/ProducerDetermination Optional Specify producer determination. Valid values are:
  • NO_1
  • NO_2
  • NO_3
  • YES
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ NaftaDetail NaftaCommodityDetail/ProducerId Optional Specify producer ID.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ NaftaDetail NaftaCommodityDetail/NetCostMethod Optional Specify net cost method. Valid values are:
  • NC
  • NO
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities Commodity/ NaftaDetail/NetCostDateRange Optional Specify begin and end dates for net cost.
CustomsClearanceDetail/ExportDetail/B13AFilingOption Optional Specifies which filing option is being exercised by the customer. Required for non-document shipments originating in Canada destined for any country other than Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
CustomsClearanceDetail/ExportDetail/ExportComplianceStatement Optional Enter Automated Export System (AES) or Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) exemption.
CustomsClearanceDetail/ExportDetail/PermitNumber Optional This field is applicable only to Canada export non-document shipments of any value to any destination. No special characters are allowed.
CustomsClearanceDetail/ExportDetail/DestinationControlDetail Optional VERY IMPORTANT: Specify appropriate destination control statement type(s). Valid values are DEPARTMENT_OF_COMMERCE and DEPARTMENT_OF_STATE. Be sure to also specify destination country and end user.
RequestedShipment/ShippingDocumentSpecification/ ShippingDocumentTypes RequestedShippingDocumentType Required Specify NAFTA_CERTIFICATE_OF_ORIGIN.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail Optional Data required to produce a Certificate of Origin document. Remaining content (business data) to be defined once requirements have been completed.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail/ Format ShippingDocumentFormat Optional ImageType and StockType are required. Other elements are optional.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail/ BlanketPeriod DateRange Optional Specify begin and end dates for blanket period.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail/ ImporterSpecification NaftaImporterSpecificationType Optional Specify importer specification.Valid values are:
ShippingDocumentSpecification/NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail/SignatureContact Optional Contact information for “Authorized Signature” area of form.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail/ ProducerSpecification Optional Specify producer specification. Valid values are:
  • SAME
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail/ Producers Optional Specify producer(s), including contact company, and tax identification information.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ NaftaCertificateOfOriginDetail/ CustomerImageUsages Optional Specify image of type SIGNATURE to include on the document.