Pickup Service Reply Elements

The following elements are returned in the Pickup Service reply:

Element Description
DispatchConfirmationNumber FedEx returns a dispatch confirmation number for a successful dispatch request. This number must be used if you need to cancel the dispatch.
Location The FedEx station ID receiving an FedEx Express dispatch request.
Message This message provides information regarding the success or failure of the dispatch request.
Note: Dispatch requests may fail if you enter an insufficient time window between Package Ready and Business Close. If you have questions about pickup times, contact your regional FedEx Support Hotline.
PRP Control Number PRP, Package Returns Program, Control Number - If you have contracted with FedEx to use the Package Return Program (PRP), the PRP control number is required in your dispatch request. For more information about PRP, go to fedex.com/us/services/options/returns/prp.html.