Pickup Service Request Elements

In addition to the elements required for all requests, the following elements are included in the Pickup Service request:

Element Description
OriginDetail/UseAccountAddress This element is required if you want to have the package picked up at a different address than the one associated with the shipper account. Valid values are:
  • Y — Use shipper Address
  • N — User Alternate Address

If you enter N, the PickupLocation element is required.

OriginDetail/PickupLocation This element is required for alternate pickup addresses. Valid elements are:
  • Contact
  • Address
OriginDetail/PackageLocation Provides a location description where the courier/driver will pick up the package. PickupServiceBuildingLocationType: Valid values are:
  • Front
  • None
  • Side
  • Rear
OriginDetail/BuildingPartCode Describes the package location building type for the pickup:
  • Apartment
  • Building
  • Department
  • Floor
  • Room
  • Suite
OriginDetail/BuildingPartDescription Accompanies the BuildingPartCode to describe the package pickup location. Entries can be an apartment number, suite number, etc.
OriginDetail/ReadyTimeStamp Identifies the date and time the package will be ready for pickup by FedEx. FedEx Express pickup can be scheduled for the current or next business day.
OriginDetail/CompanyCloseTime Your company close time is required for a successful dispatch request. The ReadyTimeStamp and the CompanyCloseTime must allow a long enough time period for a FedEx courier to arrive at your pickup location.
PickupServiceRequest/PackageCount Total number of packages that make up the dispatch request.
PickupServiceRequest/TotalWeight Total weight of packages that make up the dispatch request.
PickupServiceRequest/CarrierCode FedEx operating company (FedEx Express, FedEx Ground) performing the pickup.
PickupServiceRequest/ OversizePackageCount Identifies the number of oversize packages that are tendered to FedEx Ground. For more information about oversize package requirements, see the electronic FedEx Service Guide.
PickupServiceRequest/CourierRemarks Any additional information that the courier needs to perform your pickup should be included in the reply request.
PickupServiceRequest/ CommodityDescription Required for international APAC customers only. Provides area for any additional commodity description. Field is limited to 20 characters since P2D and Cosmos restrict the commodity description to 20 characters.
Note: Dispatch requests should be limited to one request per day unless you add packages that exceed the dimensions or weight for the original request.
Element Description
FreightDetail/Service Valid FedEx Freight service type.
FreightDetail/BookingNumber All freight shipments required an advanced booking number from FedEx. This booking number is also required for freight dispatch requests.
FreightDetail/Dimensions Length, width, and height of freight shipment to be picked up.
FreightDetail/TruckType Type of truck required for pickup. Valid values are:
  • Drop_Trailer_Agreement
  • Liftgate
  • Tractor_Trailer_Access
FreightDetail/TrailerSize Trailer size required for dispatch. Valid values are: