Pro Forma Invoice

Include the following elements to produce a Pro Forma Invoice:

Element Description
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ ShippingDocumentType Specify PRO_FORMA_INVOICE.
SpecialServicesRequested/ SpecialServicesTypes Specify ELECTRONIC_TRADE_DOCUMENTS to send this document electronically.
SpecialServicesRequested/EtdDetail/ RequestedDocumentCopies Specify PRO_FORMA_INVOICE to send this document electronically.
CustomsClearanceDetail/ImporterOfRecord Specify Importer of Record information if different from Recipient.
CustomsClearanceDetail/CustomsValue Specify customs value for your entire shipment.
CustomsClearanceDetail/CommercialInvoice/Purpose Specify purpose of shipment. Valid values are:
  • GIFT
  • SOLD
CustomsClearanceDetail/CommercialInvoice/TermsOfSale Specify terms of sale. Valid values are:
  • DDP
  • DDU
  • EXW
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/Name Specify name of commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/ NumberOfPieces Specify number of pieces for commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/ Description Specify description of commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/ CountryOfManufacture Specify country where commodity was manufactured.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/ HarmonizedCode Specify Harmonized Code for commodity. Refer to the FedEx Global Trade Manager for Harmonized Codes.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/Weight Specify weight of commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/Quantity Specify quantity of commodity.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/ CustomsValue Specify customs value for commodity.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ CommercialInvoiceDetail/ DocumentFormat ImageType and StockType are required. Other elements are optional.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ CommercialInvoiceDetail/ CustomerImageUsages Specify image of type LETTER_HEAD and/or SIGNATURE to include on the document.
RequestedPackageLineItems/ CustomerReferences Specify P_O_NUMBER to include a purchase order number. Specify CUSTOMER_REFERENCE to include special instructions.