RateReply Elements

Element Required Description
HighestSeverity Required This indicates the highest level of severity of all the notifications returned in the reply.
Notifications Required The descriptive data regarding the results of the submitted transaction.
TransactionDetail Optional Contains the CustomerTransactionID that was sent to the request.
TransactionDetail/CustomerTransactionId Optional Free form text to be echoed back in the reply. Used to match requests and replies.
TransactionDetail/Localization Optional Governs data payload language/translations (contrasted with ClientDetail.localization, which governs Notification.localizedMessage language selection).
Version Required The version of this reply.
RateReplyDetails Optional Each element contains all rate data for a single service. If service was specified in the request, there will be a single entry in this array; if service was omitted in the request, there will be a separate entry in this array for each service being compared.