RateRequest Elements

Element Required Description
RateRequest/ReturnTransitAndCommit Optional Allows the caller to specify that the transit time and commit data are to be returned in the reply.
RateRequest/CarrierCodesCarrierCodeType Optional Candidate carriers for rate-shopping. This field is only considered if RequestedShipment/ServiceType is omitted.
RateRequest/VariableOptionsServiceOptionType Optional Contain zero or more service options whose combinations are to be considered when replying with available services.

Specify if Saturday delivery is required. Valid value is SATURDAY_DELIVERY.

Note: If you specify SATURDAY_DELIVERY for VariableOptions, you will get both Saturday Delivery options and regular options for all services where Saturday delivery is an option. Do not specify SATURDAY_DELIVERY for SpecialServices or it will only return any applicable Saturday Delivery options.
RateRequest/RequestedShipment Required The shipment for which a rate quote (or rate-shopping comparison) is desired.
RequestedShipment/ShipTimestamp Optional The date format must be YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-xx:xx. The time must be in the format: HH:MM:SS using a 24-hour clock. The date and time are separated by the letter T (e.g., 2009-06-26T17:00:00). The UTC offset indicates the number of hours/minutes (e.g., xx:xx) from UTC (e.g., 2009-06-26T17:00:00-04:00 is defined as June 26, 2009 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time).
RequestedShipment/DropoffType Optional Identifies the method by which the package is to be tendered to FedEx. This element does not dispatch a courier for package pickup.
RequestedShipment/ServiceType Optional Identifies the FedEx service to use in shipping the package for a rate request.
RequestedShipment/PackagingType Required Identifies the packaging used by the requestor for the package. See PackagingType for list of valid enumerated values.
RequestedShipment/TotalWeight Optional Identifies the total weight of the shipment being conveyed to FedEx. This is only applicable to International shipments and should be used on the first package of a multiple piece shipment. This value contains 1 explicit decimal position.
RequestedShipment/TotalInsuredValue Optional Total insured amount.
RequestedShipment/PreferredCurrency Optional Indicates the currency the caller requests to have used in all returned monetary values (when a choice is possible).
RequestedShipment/Shipper Required The descriptive data for the physical location from which the shipment originates.
RequestedShipment/Recipient Required The descriptive data for the physical location to which the shipment is destined.
RequestedShipment/RecipientLocationNumber Optional A unique identifier for a recipient location.
RequestedShipment/Origin Optional Physical starting address for the shipment, if different from shipper’s address.
RequestedShipment/ShippingChargesPayment Optional Descriptive data indicating the method and means of payment to FedEx for providing shipping services.
SpecialServicesRequested Optional Identifies the collection of special services requested by the shipper and offered by FedEx. If the shipper requests a special service requiring additional data (such as C.O.D.), the special service type must be present in the SpecialServiceTypes collection, and the supporting detail must be provided in the appropriate sub-object (such as CodDetail). Valid values are:
  • COD
  • FOOD
RequestedShipment/ExpressFreightDetail Optional Details specific to an Express freight shipment.
RequestedShipment/FreightShipmentDetail Optional Data applicable to shipments using FEDEX_FREIGHT_PRIORITY and FEDEX_FREIGHT_ECONOMY services.
RequestedShipment/DeliveryInstructions Optional Used with Ground Home Delivery and Freight.
RequestedShipment/VariableHandlingChargeDetail Optional Details about how to calculate variable handling charges at the shipment level.
Requested shipment/ CustomsClearanceDetail Optional Information about this package that only applies to an international (export) shipment.
CustomClearanceDetail/DutiesPayment Optional Descriptive data indicating the method and means of payment to FedEx for providing shipping services.
CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/CustomsValue Optional Used to calculate Argentina and Dominican Republic export taxes.
RequestedShipment/PickupDetail Optional For use in “process tag” transaction.
PickupDetail/ReadyDateTime Optional Specify the time and date the package will be ready for pickup.
PickupDetail/LatestPickupDateTime Optional Specify the last possible pickup time and date.
PickupDetail/CourierInstructions Optional Specify any courier instructions.
PickupDetail/RequestType Optional Specify the request type.
PickupDetail/RequestSource Optional Specify the request source.
RequestedShipment/SmartPostDetail Optional Details specific to FedEx SmartPost shipments.
RequestedShipment/BlockInsightVisibility Optional If true, only the shipper/payor will have visibility of this shipment.
RequestedShipment/LabelSpecification Required Details about the image format and printer type for the returned label.
Requested shipment/ShippingDocument Specification Optional Details such as the label, shipping document types, NAFTA information, CI information, and GAA information.
Requested shipment/RateRequestType Optional Indicates the type of rates to be returned. Valid values are:
  • LIST
Note: RateRequest automatically returns discount rates. If you include the LIST option, the RateRequest returns both list and discount rates.
RequestedShipment/CustomerSelectedActualRateType Optional Specifies the type of rate the customer wants to have used as the actual rate type.
RequestedShipment/EditRequestType Optional Specifies whether the customer wishes to have Estimated Duties and Taxes provided with the rate quotation on this shipment. Only applies with shipments moving under international services.
RequestedShipment/PackageCount Optional The total number of packages in the entire shipment. The maximum number of packages in one rate request is 200.
RequestedShipment/RequestedPackageLineItems Optional One or more package-attribute descriptions, each of which describes an individual package, a group of identical packages, or (for the total-piece-total-weight case) common characteristics of packages in the shipment.