Returns Elements

Include the following elements in your ProcessShipmentRequest to receive a return label in your Ship reply:

Element Required Description
ReturnShipmentDetail/ReturnType Required The type of return shipment being requested. The valid value is PRINT_RETURN_LABEL. With this option you can print a return label to insert into the box of an outbound shipment. This option cannot be used to print an outbound label.
ReturnShipmentDetail/Rma Optional Return Merchant Authorization (RMA)

If included, this element has two optional fields:

  • Number: The RMA number associated with the return shipment. Including this number in your request allows you to track by RMA number up to 20 alpha-numeric characters.
  • Reason: If the RMA element is included in the Ship request, the return Reason description may be entered. This element allows you to enter up to 60 alpha-numeric characters.
ReturnShipmentDetail/EmailLabelDetail Optional Describes specific information about the email label shipment. You can also specify a return and outbound email label. For more information, see Email Labels.
ReturnShipmentDetail/ReturnAssociation Optional Specifies the data for the outbound shipment associated with the return.
ShipmentSpecialServices Requested/DeliveryOnInvoice Acceptance Optional Allows customers to direct the signed return receipt to a different address.
CompletedShipmentDetail/AssociatedShipments Optional Provides the customer with the Delivery on Invoice Acceptance data.