Single C.O.D. Shipments

Element Package/Shipment Level Description
ShipmentSpecialServiceTypes Shipment This element should be set to COD for a single COD package. For an MPS C.O.D., the master package (first package in the sequence) must include this element.
Weight Package Individual package weight is required for all shipments. The Weight element includes Weight/Units and Weight/Value. Values for Weight/Units are:
  • LB
  • KG

Weight/Value is entered with one explicit decimal position.

Dimensions Package Optional for customer packages. Not allowed for FedEx package types. The Dimensions element include:
  • Width
  • Height
  • Length
  • Units

Dimensions/Units values are:

  • CM
  • IN
SpecialServicesRequested/CodCollectionAmount Package Valid values are:
  • Currency: Currency type for C.O.D. For U.S. Express shipments, the currency type is USD.
  • Amount: The total amount to be collected. For multiple-package shipments, the element must be included on each package and include the total collection amount minus transportation charges.
Note: The collection amount must be added to each package in an MPS C.O.D. shipment.
CodDetail/CollectionType Shipment Required. Valid values are:
  • ANY
  • CASH
AddTransportationChargesDetail Shipment Optional. This element allows you to add transportation charges to the C.O.D. collection amount.

Valid values are:

CodDetail/ReferenceIndicator Shipment Optional. If you want reference information added to the return C.O.D. label, use this element. Values are:
  • PO
CodDetail/CodRecipient Shipment The C.O.D. return label uses your shipper information as the recipient for the C.O.D. payment. To override this address, the following elements are required:
  • Contact
  • Company (if contact is not supplied)
  • City
  • Country
  • State
  • PostalCode
  • Phone
  • Residential (for residential addresses)
CodDetail/AddTransportationChargesDetail/ChargeBasis/ CodAddTransportationChargeBasisType Shipment Valid values are:
  • COD_SURCHARGE: Adds the COD surcharge amount to the collect amount.
  • NET_CHARGE: Adds the net freight plus surcharges and taxes to the collect amount.
  • NET_FREIGHT: Adds the base freight charge minus discounts to the collect amount.
  • TOTAL_CUSTOMER_CHARGE: Adds the net freight charge plus variable handling to the collect amount.
CodDetail/AddTransportationChargesDetail/ChargeBasisLevel/ ChargeBasisLevelType Shipment Valid values are:
  • CURRENT_PACKAGE: Adds the current package charge basis to the COD amount.
  • SUM_OF_PACKAGES: Adds the charge basis for all packages in the shipment to the COD amount.
Note: For Express shipments, the COD amount is calculated only at the shipment level; therefore, both of these values use the shipment totals.
CodDetail/AddTransportationChargesDetail/RateTypeBasis/ VariableHandlingChargeDetail/ RateTypeBasis/RateTypeBasisType Shipment The rate type. Valid values are:
  • ACCOUNT: Uses the customer’s account rate as the basis for the additional charge calculation.
  • LIST: Uses the FedEx List rate as the basis for the additional charge calculation.