FedEx SmartPost Request Elements

In addition to the elements required for all requests, the following elements are included in the FedEx SmartPost request:

Element Description
ProcessShipmentRequest/ RequestedShipment/ServiceType Optional. Specify SMART_POST for FedEx SmartPost shipping services.
SmartPostDetail Required. Specify the appropriate details for a FedEx SmartPost shipment.
SmartPostDetail/Indicia Required. Specify the indicia type. Available options include:
SmartPostDetail/AncillaryEndorsement Optional. Specify an endorsement type from the following valid values:
Note: For FedEx SmartPost Standard Mail (Presorted Standard < 1 lb.) shipments with delivery confirmation, either RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED or ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED is permitted.
SmartPostDetail/HubID Required. Specify the HubID. Valid values are:
  • 5185 ALPA Allentown
  • 5303 ATGA Atlanta
  • 5281 CHNC Charlotte
  • 5602 CIIL Chicago
  • 5929 COCA Chino
  • 5751 DLTX Dallas
  • 5802 DNCO Denver
  • 5481 DTMI Detroit
  • 5087 EDNJ Edison
  • 5431 GCOH Grove City
  • 5771 HOTX Houston
  • 5465 ININ Indianapolis
  • 5648 KCKS Kansas City
  • 5902 LACA Los Angeles
  • 5254 MAWV Martinsburg
  • 5379 METN Memphis
  • 5552 MPMN Minneapolis
  • 5531 NBWI New Berlin
  • 5110 NENY Newburgh
  • 5015 NOMA Northborough
  • 5327 ORFL Orlando
  • 5194 PHPA Philadelphia
  • 5854 PHAZ Phoenix
  • 5150 PTPA Pittsburgh
  • 5958 SACA Sacramento
  • 5843 SCUT Salt Lake City
  • 5983 SEWA Seattle
  • 5631 STMO St. Louis
Note: Include only the numeric HubID value in your request.
SmartPostDetail/ CustomerManifestID Optional. The CustomerManifestId is used to group FedEx SmartPost packages onto a manifest for each trailer that is being prepared.

If you have multiple trailers, you must assign a Manifest Id to each FedEx SmartPost package as determined by its trailer. The Manifest Id must be unique to your account number for a minimum of 6 months and cannot exceed 8 characters in length.

We recommend that you use the day of year, the trailer id (a sequential number for that trailer). For example, if there are 3 trailers that you started loading on Feb 10, then the 3 Manifest Ids would be 041001, 041002, 041003 (this example includes leading zeros on the trailer numbers).

The maximum length is 8 characters.

RequestedShipment/ RequestedPackageLineItems/ PhysicalPackaging Optional

Provides additional detail on how the customer has physically packaged this item. Required for FedEx SmartPost services.