FedEx SmartPost Reply Elements

The following elements are returned in the FedEx SmartPost reply:

Element Required Description
CompletedShipmentDetail/ OperationalDetail/TransitTime Required String. Standard transit time per origin, destination, and service.
CompletedShipmentDetail/ OperationalDetail/ MaximumTransitTime Required String. The maximum expected transit time.
CompletedShipmentDetail/ AccessDetail/ EmailLabelUrl Required The URL the customer will receive in the email from FedEx to take them to the label that has been generated for them.
CompletedShipmentDetail/ CompletedPackageDetails/ TrackingIds/TrackingIdType Required The reply will include tracking numbers for the package. The TrackingIdType will specify whether a specific Tracking Number provided is USPS, GROUND or FEDEX.
CompletedShipmentDetail/ CompletedPackageDetails/ TrackingIds/ TrackingNumber Required The reply will usually include two tracking numbers for the package. The TrackingNumber will show the Tracking number value. USPS is 22 digits, FedEx is 20 digits.

The customer will receive an email from FedEx that uses the data as provided in your request. The email will look like this:

Following the link, the user will see a screen and use the data you provided in your request. This screen will allow them to choose which shipping label to display and print: