FedEx SmartPost Returns Request Elements

Begin your ship request with the basic Ship Request elements as detailed in FedEx Express U.S. Shipping under the heading FedEx Express U.S. Coding Details.

Add the following elements in your ProcessShipmentRequest to receive a FedEx SmartPost Return Label in your ship reply.

Element Required or Optional Description
SpecialServicesRequested/ SpecialServiceTypes Required Include the value: RETURN_SHIPMENT.
ReturnShipmentDetail/ ReturnType Required The type of return shipment being requested. Valid value is PRINT_RETURN_LABEL.

With this option you can print a return label to be applied to the box of a return. This option cannot be used to print an outbound label.

ReturnShipmentDetail/Rma Optional Return Merchant Authorization (RMA).

If included, this element has two optional fields:

Number: The RMA number associated with the return shipment. Including this number in your request allows you to track by RMA number up to 20 alpha-numeric characters.

If the RMA element is included in the Ship Request, the return reason description may be entered. This element allows you to enter up to 60 alpha-numeric characters.

ProcessShipmentRequest/ RequestedShipment/ ServiceType Required Specify SMART_POST for FedEx SmartPost shipping services.
SmartPostDetail Required Required. Specify the appropriate details for a FedEx SmartPost shipment.
SmartPostDetail/Indicia Required Required. Specify the indicia type. Available option includes: PARCEL_RETURN.
SmartPostDetail/HubID Required Required. Specify the HubID. Valid values are:
  • 5185 ALPA Allentown
  • 5303 ATGA Atlanta
  • 5281 CHNC Charlotte
  • 5602 CIIL Chicago
  • 5929 COCA Chino
  • 5751 DLTX Dallas
  • 5802 DNCO Denver
  • 5481 DTMI Detroit
  • 5087 EDNJ Edison
  • 5431 GCOH Grove City
  • 5771 HOTX Houston
  • 5465 ININ Indianapolis
  • 5648 KCKS Kansas City
  • 5902 LACA Los Angeles
  • 5254 MAWV Martinsburg
  • 5379 METN Memphis
  • 5552 MPMN Minneapolis
  • 5531 NBWI New Berlin
  • 5110 NENY Newburgh
  • 5015 NOMA Northborough
  • 5327 ORFL Orlando
  • 5194 PHPA Philadelphia
  • 5854 PHAZ Phoenix
  • 5150 PTPA Pittsburgh
  • 5958 SACA Sacramento
  • 5843 SCUT Salt Lake City
  • 5983 SEWA Seattle
  • 5631 STMO St. Louis
Note: Include only the numeric HubID value in your request.