TrackNotificationReply Elements

Element Description
DuplicateWaybill This element is present in the reply if duplicate tracking numbers are found as part of the notification request.
MoreDataAvailable Returned in the reply if additional notification data is available.
PagingToken If you receive the MoreDataAvailable element in the reply, you will also receive the PagingToken element with corresponding PagingToken number. This number must be included in any additional notification request, to receive additional data for your original request.
Packages Information about the notifications that are available for this tracking number. If there are duplicates, then the ship date and destination address information is returned for determining which TrackingNumberUniqueIdentifier to use on a subsequent request.

This complex element includes:

  • TrackingNumber
  • TrackingNumberUniqueIdentification
  • CarrierCode
  • ShipDate
  • Destination
  • RecipientDetails
Packages/TrackingNumber UniqueIdentifiers When duplicate tracking numbers exist, this data is returned with summary information for each of the duplicates. The summary information is used to determine which of the duplicates the intended tracking number is. This identifier is used on a subsequent track request to retrieve the tracking data for the desired tracking number.