TrackNotificationRequest Elements

Element Required Description
TrackingNumber Required Tracking number.
MultiPiece Optional Indicates whether to return tracking information for all associated packages.
PagingToken Optional To obtain additional data on second and subsequent TrackNotification requests. Client must submit this value in subsequent track requests in order to obtain next page of data. Must contain at least four characters.
TrackingNumberUniqueId Optional Populate only if the TrackingNumberUniqueId is known from a previous Tracking request or an email notifications request that resulted in a duplicate reply.
ShipDateRangeBegin Optional Recommend providing date range to find desired track number by limiting the results to this range. If not provided FedEx will default to a range that may not be useful for the search.
ShipDateRangeEnd Optional If provided, ShipDateRangeBegin is required.
SenderEMailAddress Required Valid email address of notification requestor.
SenderContactName Required Valid contact name of notification requestor.
NotificationDetailEMailNotificationDetail Optional Descriptive data required for FedEx to provide email notification to the customer regarding the shipment. This element is required when SpecialServiceType EMAIL_NOTIFICATION is present in the SpecialServiceTypes collection.
NotificationDetail EmailNotificationDetail/PersonalMessage Optional A message that will be included in the email notifications. Personal messages are not applicable with wireless formatted notifications such as UTF-8 encoded message.
NotificationDetail EMailNotificationDetail/Recipients EMailNotificationRecipient Required Information describing the destination of the email format of the email and events to be notified on. Specify up to six email addresses to receive the specified notification.
NotificationDetail EMailNotificationDetail/Recipients EMailNotificationRecipient/EMailNotificationRecipientType Optional Identifies the relationship this email recipient has to the shipment.

Valid values are:

EMailNotificationDetail/Recipients EMailNotificationRecipient/EmailAddress Required The email address of the notification recipient.
EMailNotificationDetail/Recipients EMailNotificationRecipient/NotificationEventsRequested Optional Identifies if an email notification should be sent to the recipient:
EMailNotificationDetail/Recipients EMailNotificationRecipient/Format EMailNotificationFormatType Required This element is required to specify the type of notification you want to receive. Valid values are:
  • HTML
  • TEXT
EMailNotificationDetail/Recipients EMailNotificationRecipient/Localization Required The language/locale to be used in this email notification
Recipients/Localization/LanguageCode Required You may include a language code to have the email message returned in that language. See Notification Service Details for a table of valid language codes. If no value is included with this element, the default is en (English).
Recipients/Localization/LocaleCode Optional Some languages require a locale code to further identify the requested language. For example, if you request the notification emails in Spanish, you must include a locale code of U.S. for North American Spanish. See Notification Service Details for a table of valid locale codes.