TrackRequest Elements

In addition to basic elements required for all transactions, the following elements make up the TrackRequest.

See Introduction for more information.

Element Required Description
ClientDetail/Localization/LanguageCode Yes LanguageCode — Required to receive tracking information in your local language. Valid codes are:
  • ar = Arabic
  • da = Danish
  • de = German
  • en = English
  • es = Spanish
  • es with locale code US = US Spanish
  • es with locale code ES = Spain
  • fr = French
  • fr with locale code CA = Canadian French
  • he = Hebrew
  • it = Italian
  • ja = Kanji
  • ko = Korean
  • nl = Dutch
  • pt = Portuguese
  • sv = Swedish
  • zh with locale code CN = Chinese Simple
  • zh with locale code HK = Chinese Traditional Hong Kong
  • zh with locale code TW = Chinese Traditional Taiwan
  • cs = Czech
  • el = Greek
  • hu = Hungarian
  • pl = Polish
  • ru = Russian
  • tr = Turkish

Defaults to en if no value entered.

Note: In addition to tracking data, any error conditions will also be returned in the language you choose.
ClientDetail/Localization/LocaleCode Yes Required to further identify the LanguageCode element. For example, if you choose ES for Spanish, you must include U.S. for North American Spanish.
PackageIdentifier Yes The PackageIdentifier element is required to track by reference information. Two elements make up the PackageIdentifier.

Valid values are:


The corresponding value associated with the PackageIdentifier/Type is required. For example, if you track by SHIPPER_REFERENCE, you must enter the reference detail in the Value element.

TrackingNumberUnique Identifier No Required if a previous Track by Number reply indicates that duplicates exist. The previous reply returns summary information about available choices along with this element.

Duplicates: If you want to receive all tracking information for one of the items returned in the duplicate summary reply, in the next tracking request, include the tracking number and the information returned in the previous TrackingNumberUniqueIdentifier element.

ShipDateRangeBegin/ShipDateRangeEnd No Optional, but recommended. Required entry of date range to find desired results for reference tracking number. If not provided, FedEx defaults this value to a range that may not refine the search as needed.
  • Begin must be < 730 days from current date .
  • Begin must be < = End date.
  • End cannot be > current date + 1.
  • Range (End–Begin) must be < 30 days.
  • Range (End–Begin) must be < = 90 (30-day range is applicable to Track by Reference option only).
  • Special rule for an Express Track by number request with a begin date > 90 days. The Begin–End range is limited to 10 days.
ShipmentAccountNumber No If you choose to track by reference (using the PackageIdentifier element), you must either include the account number for the packages to be tracked or the Destination/Postal Code and Destination/CountryCode to further identify the packages you want to track.
Destination No Physical location (address) to which the package will be shipped.
IncludeDetailedScans No If FALSE (the default), the reply will contain summary/profile data including current status.

If TRUE, the reply will contain profile and detailed scan activity (multiple TrackDetail objects) for each package.

PagingToken No If you receive an original tracking request that indicates duplicates exist, this element is required with the TrackingNumberUniqueIdentifier element to request additional scan information. The information in this element is provided in the original reply request.