FedEx Ground Close Ship Day Service Details

The Close Service can be performed multiple times during your shipping day. Use the Close Service to initiate the final stage of processing all shipment data submitted by the customer for the day (close of business). In addition to the ground manifest, the following reports are returned after a successful close and need to be printed (if shipments with these services are included in the Close transaction):

C.O.D./E.C.O.D. and HazMat reports can be printed anytime during the shipping day for shipments that have already been closed (up to three days in the past). FedEx Ground® Multiweight reports (if the account is multiweight enabled) are produced at close time and cannot be reprinted.

Note: Close is a requirement only for FedEx Ground®. FedEx Express® shipments are automatically closed and do not require you to perform a specific close operation.

For more detailed information about the services offered by FedEx, see the electronic FedEx Service Guide.