Non-SOAP Web Services

FedEx offers a non-SOAP web services solution that you can use to send transactions without having to use tools that provide SOAP protocol support for web services. This may be convenient for developers using environments that do not provide support for SOAP. With this interface, XML documents are sent directly to the FedEx servers via the HTTP POST command. FedEx provides a set of specifications and examples to help with the development of this type of communications method.

To use the non-SOAP web service solution, you must have a working knowledge of HTTPS and Secure Socket Layering (SSL) encryption, the ability to provide a secure SSL connection to FedEx and the ability to code to an operation interface using XML.

The interfaces used in the SOAP and non-SOAP web services are defined in WSDL files. The WSDL files contain schemas that define the layout of the operations. The same WSDL file is used for both the SOAP and non-SOAP web service users.

Non-SOAP users are concerned only with the schema definitions and not the other WSDL components that are SOAP-specific. The XML data that is sent via the non-SOAP interface looks almost identical to the data that is sent via the SOAP interface. The only difference is that the data sent via the non-SOAP interface does not contain the wrapping Envelope and Body tags that are specific to SOAP. An example of a request using the non-SOAP interface looks like this:

<ns:TrackRequest xmlns:ns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" TrackService_v4.xsd ">
User Key
User Password
<ns:CustomerTransactionId>User Customizable Field</ns:CustomerTransactionId></ns:TransactionDetail>