Cancel Pickup Reply Elements

The CancelPickupReply element returns the descriptive data to a client in response to a CancelPickupRequest. The following elements are returned in a Cancel Pickup reply for a FedEx Freight shipment:

Element Description
HighestSeverity Identifies the highest severity encountered when performing the request. Valid values in order from high to low are:
  • NOTE
Notifications Includes the descriptive data detailing the status of a submitted transaction. Includes the severity of the notification, which indicates success or failure or some other information about the request.

Valid values are:

  • SUCCESS — Your transaction succeeded with no other applicable information.
  • NOTE — Additional information that may be of interest to you about your transaction.
  • WARNING — Additional information that you need to know about your transaction that you may need to take action on.
  • ERROR — Information about an error that occurred while processing your transaction.
  • FAILURE — FedEx was unable to process your transaction at this time due to a system failure. Please try again later.
TransactionDetail Includes descriptive data that governs data payload language/translations. The TransactionDetail from the request is echoed back to the caller in the corresponding reply.
Version Identifies the version/level of a service operation expected by a caller (in each request) and performed by the callee (in each reply).
Message Includes a Human readable message from the dispatch system.