Before creating a Process Tag request, you can use the ExpressTagAvailabilityRequest from the ReturnTagService WSDL to check valid pickup times. In addition to the basic FedEx Express shipping elements, the following element is required:

Element Description
ExpressTagAvailabilityRequest The following elements are required:
  • OriginAddress
  • ReadyDateTime. This element must contain the date and time the package will be ready for pickup.
  • Packaging
  • Service

In addition to transaction details and error conditions, the ExpressTagAvailabilityReply returns the following information:

Element Description
AccessTime This is the minimum time window that must be allocated for the FedEx courier to make the pickup. The difference between the Business Close Time (or the local "cutoff time" if it is earlier than the Business Close Time) and the Package Ready Time must be equal to, or exceed, the access time.
Note: Access time requirements vary by postal code.
ReadyTime The latest time a FedEx courier can pick up the FedEx ExpressTag® package.
Note: Ready times vary by postal code.
Availability Indicates the FedEx ExpressTag service availability at the shipper postal code indicated in the Request. Valid responses are: