Register and Access Technical Resources

Access to Technical Resources requires registration for a developer account. If you have already registered your email and password, please login.

Technical Resources

FedEx provides a wide range of technical resources to registered users, providing all the information necessary to start integrating today. Here are some of the features available for FedEx Web Services, FedEx Ship Manager Server, and FedEx Plug-ins when you register as a developer:

  • Documentation--Access a searchable online library with the most up-to-date documentation on FedEx Web Services and FedEx Ship Manager Server. Explore documentation that has a real-world focus, code samples, and working examples of use that put the available services in context.

  • Download Release Notes--Download FedEx Web Services WSDL files and sample code in five different languages: Java, C#, C++, VB.Net, and PHP. Stay on top of new releases and updates by scanning new release notes or signing up for email notification. Download plug ins to

  • Certification--Learn about the certification requirements for integrating with FedEx, as well as the differences between proprietary and commerical developers.

  • Testing--Get a Test Key and access the testing environment before implementing your solution.

  • Announcements--Stay abreast of any important news related to integration--including documentation updates, new features, and other key changes.

  • Tech FAQ--Find answers to the most common issues faced by FedEx developers today.

  • Information for Commerical Developers--Learn about the FedEx Compatible Solutions Program.

  • Email Notifications--Sign up for email notification and get new announcements and release notes sent directly to your email account.