Get more done with less effort when you upgrade to FedEx® Billing Online Plus

When you want to:

You can with:
FedEx® Billing Online PlusFedEx® Billing Online

Receive online/paperless invoices only


Receive invoice notifications via e-mail


Set up automatic invoice data download files (Administrator only)


Schedule automatic payments (Administrator only)

— designate dollar amount threshold and payment timing


Set up additional users (Administrator only)


View multiple accounts (Administrator only)

— A FedEx Electronic Revenue Support representative must add and remove accounts

Send notifications (approvals, comments) to users via e-maill


Edit billing reference


Change Administrators (Administrator only)


View invoices and shipments

Choose payment methods (Only Administrator can add new Payment Profiles)

Print invoice PDFs

Perform full and advanced searches and save searches

Download data using standard and custom templates

Use FedEx Flat File Reporting Tool

Dispute charges

Upgrade or downgrade (Administrator only)

— downgrade to standard FedEx Billing Online

— upgrade to FedEx Billing Online Plus


Billing methods allowed:

Paper invoiced

— converts account to online/paperless invoicing

Directly billed to a credit card


FedEx EDI / FedEx DirectLink®


FedEx EZ Debit / FedEx Automatic Debit

— converts account to online/paperless invoicing