FedEx Freight® International Shipping: New Names. Same Services.

FedEx Freight offers international and offshore shipping services. Sound familiar? It should.

Before FedEx Freight became one streamlined network, we offered fast, convenient, cost-effective international and offshore service. Now, FedEx Freight is steering the LTL (less-than-truckload) industry in a new direction by making it easier to ship. You still get great service, via FedEx Freight® Priority and FedEx Freight® Economy — with even more convenience and simplicity from a single-carrier network. Plus, with our added hubs and enhanced lane service, you enjoy faster transit times.

New names, same services, multiple benefits
While the service names have changed, FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy still provide the fast, reliable and cost-effective international service and support you’re used to.

FedEx Freight Priority
When speed is important for your cross-border and offshore deliveries, use FedEx Freight Priority.

  • Locations served, both to and from the contiguous U.S. (unless specified):
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Puerto Rico
    • Alaska
    • Hawaii
    • Central America (from the U.S.)
    • South America (from the U.S.)
    • Caribbean (from the U.S.)

  • FedEx Freight Advance Notice® is a free web-based service that gives you a competitive advantage. On the rare occasion your FedEx Freight Priority shipment is delayed, we’ll notify you immediately via email or fax before the shipment is due for delivery so you can make any necessary adjustments. Having more control over your shipments increases your ability to provide customers with timely, proactive service.

FedEx Freight Economy
When you can trade time for savings, choose FedEx Freight Economy.
  • Locations served, both to and from the contiguous U.S. (unless specified):
    • Canada (from the U.S.)
    • Puerto Rico
    • Alaska
    • Hawaii
    • Central America (from the U.S.)
    • South America (from the U.S.)
    • Caribbean (from the U.S.)
    Additional benefits
    Using FedEx Freight for your international and offshore shipments provides the following benefits — all within one streamlined network:
    • Lane enhancement additions have improved transit times between the U.S. and Canada, providing faster service to support your supply chain needs.
    • Service center networks expanded in Canada and Mexico provide greater all-points coverage.
    • Shipping forms are easily accessed through the FedEx Freight Shipping Desk.
    • Customer support helps give peace of mind through personal service, whether you’re new or experienced in cross-border shipping.
      • FedEx Freight International and Offshore Customer Service assists with shipping to and from international and offshore locations, including how to get started and what documents are required. Call 1.866.393.4685 (if dialing from the U.S. or Canada) or 01.800.232.2940 (if dialing from Mexico).
      • Freight International Services coordinates activities that make a freight shipment border-ready for transport between the U.S. and Canada. While not a customs clearance broker, the team will assist you with documentation questions, forward documents to your selected customs broker, and follow up with the customs broker if there is a delay in the clearance process. For general inquiries, call 1.800.351.5187, 24 hours a day, Monday–Friday, or email
    • FedEx Trade Networks will work directly with you to provide full-service customs brokerage to assist in customs clearance, which is required when shipping internationally.
    Learn more
    For additional information on the services and benefits offered with FedEx Freight international and offshore shipping, go to the International and Offshore Services section of

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