Exporting to the European Union Is Easier Than You Think
Learn how simple it is to trade with the largest economic market in the world.

If you’re new or fairly new to international trade, consider exporting your goods to businesses and customers in the European Union (EU). Second only to North America in U.S. trade, the EU is commonly considered a popular economic market for small-business owners in the U.S. for these reasons:

  • Market reach. The EU, the world’s largest single market, encompasses 27 democratic countries.
  • Language. English is spoken as a primary language in many parts of the EU.
  • Currency. The euro is the standard currency throughout, with the exception of the British pound.
  • Culture. Most countries share business and social cultures similar to the U.S.
  • Documentation. Because customs requirements in the EU are not as stringent as in other global markets, the Commercial Invoice is typically the only document required for custom clearance.

This compatibility between the U.S. and the EU makes trading in the EU a natural opportunity for global expansion for many U.S. businesses.

Why FedEx?
As you extend your reach into the EU market, using FedEx as your designated international carrier can make your global trading experience more manageable and productive. The Paris–Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, the largest FedEx hub outside of the U.S., is the epicenter of our strong EU network. With connectivity to 38 major European countries, the hub makes next-business-day delivery a popular option among U.S. small-business owners.

We also offer domestic services within each EU country. So if your supplier is in London and the distributor is in Manchester, you can use FedEx® to make the intracountry delivery.

Whatever your delivery needs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your shipment will reach its destination intact and on time.

Informational resources
To help you determine if trading with the EU is right for your business, check out FedEx International Shipping. Click on the Regional Highlights tab to find information, tips and services on trading internationally with many of the countries we serve. Then click on the Europe tab to find information on France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Within each section, you’ll find detailed information specific to those areas, such as:

  • Population, language and currency.
  • Economic overview.
  • Import prohibitions and restrictions.
  • Clearance specifications.

The information provided will help you determine the probability of success for your commodity in a particular market.

When you’re ready to ship your product, check out the Prepare Documents tab. This section will help you determine what documents are necessary for your commodity and offer helpful tips on how to properly complete them. Submitting detailed descriptions of the commodity is especially important. Vague and incomplete information could result not only in shipment delays, but also in higher duty and tax assessments.

From before you even begin to ship your product until the product is in the hands of your customer, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Learn more
Go to FedEx International Shipping to learn about the benefits of international shipping and how much FedEx has to offer you as a small-business owner.

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