Automate Your FedEx Freight Accounts and Save Time
Use FedEx Freight My Account to easily manage your FedEx Freight® shipments.

Automation makes things easier and faster while minimizing errors. That’s why it makes sense to sign up for FedEx Freight My Account for your FedEx Freight shipments — the online service can save you time and hassle, and even help you delight your customers by adding value to the service you’re providing.

The password-protected My Account is a free and convenient online management solution for your FedEx Freight accounts. Information on all of your FedEx Freight® Priority and FedEx Freight® Economy shipments — inbound and outbound — can be accessed through one calendar view. It saves you the extra steps of retrieving information on multiple accounts from several different sources.

Save time and minimize errors
With My Account, the centralized system links data from several sources to help automate much of your shipping process. By updating your customers’ information, such as billing address and shipment details, into the address book, you can quickly and easily schedule pickups and create reports, Bills of Lading and invoices. For instance, each time you schedule a shipment for a particular customer, the stored information is automatically entered into the appropriate fields on the Bill of Lading, saving you time and protecting you from error.

Running a rate query online is easy. You simply enter your account code and the customer you’re shipping to and you instantly receive transit times and rates based on your customized rate discount structure.

Requesting reports based on your preferences is done with only a couple clicks. For instance, if you want to see what shipments went to customer “A” every Tuesday last month, you simply select the fields and the report is created. You can even view your notices and delivery receipts online.

Multilayered system
Best of all, My Account makes it easy for you to monitor and manage your invoices. When you log in to My Account, you’ll see a calendar of which shipments are in transit. By clicking on the shipment’s PRO number, you’ll get detailed information about the recipient, the shipment’s destination, expected time of arrival, and so on, so you can easily track your shipments’ status. If the shipment is delayed for any reason, that information is posted as well.

With FedEx Freight My Account, everything you need to manage your FedEx Freight accounts is available in one centralized system. You gain:

  • Increased accuracy with pre-populated fields and templates based on data linked from your customer address book.
  • Time with quick generation of Bills of Lading, invoices and other documents.
  • More options with customizable reporting tools capabilities.
  • Better insight of your performance with online visibility of your account history.
  • Streamlined crisis management with the ability to view your shipment’s status and, if necessary, inform your customers of any shipment delays.
  • Personalized service through FedEx Freight Advance Notice®, an optional free service that proactively notifies you about potential delays of your FedEx Freight Priority shipments.1
  • Greater selling points when you can prove your reliability to your customers through quantitative metrics.

We know you’re busy trying to make a profit in a slow economy. FedEx Freight My Account will help.

Register today
To learn more about managing your shipping with FedEx Freight My Account, go to the FedEx Freight Shipping Desk.

For information on registering for FedEx Freight Advance Notice, go to FedEx Freight Services.

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1Registration for FedEx Freight Advance Notice is required for online notification of potentially delayed FedEx Freight Priority shipments.

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