Freight International Services Brings Businesses to Canada
Make cross-border trading easier by utilizing the assistance of Freight International Services.

Extending your business reach through global trading is becoming crucial to growing your bottom line. And trading with our Canadian neighbors is smart, economical and convenient. To make the process run smoothly, FedEx Freight offers Freight International Services, a specialized team that assists — free of charge — businesses, both new and experienced, in cross-border trading.

Specialized and dedicated service
Freight International Services facilitates your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments to and from Canada by acting as your liaison — with the FedEx driver to ensure your shipment is border-ready; with your broker to inspect customs paperwork and resolve any document issues; and with U.S. and Canada customs to ensure proper procedures are followed — so the shipment can cross the border properly and without delay.

Freight International Services offers:

  • 24-hour attention. If you're concerned about your shipment or just want to ensure it crosses the border seamlessly, contact our dedicated team. We'll monitor the status of your shipment around the clock and communicate any exceptions to you.
  • Liaison interaction. We'll work one-on-one with the driver, your broker, and U.S. and Canada customs to help ensure your shipments are delivered swiftly and without issue. If an exception isn't handled promptly or to your standards, we'll find out why and get it back on track.
  • Fast, consistent and professional service. We'll identify potential cross-border issues and efficiently work with your shipment's brokers and with customs to avoid any delays. Any issues are addressed and cleared before the shipment even reaches the border.
  • Fast, streamlined border clearance. We work with the Pre-Arrival Review System for northbound transits and the Pre-Approval System for southbound transits to have all the documents prepared and ready while the shipment is en route.
  • Constant communication. We routinely visit customs administrators at the local ports and in Toronto, Ottawa and Washington, as well as customers' brokers and consignees, to identify and discuss international shipping needs and border requirements.
  • Advanced technology. Information regarding all freight shipments is computerized so we can accurately monitor the flow of the shipment cycle. Direct electronic feeds supply data on the shipment's status to offer end-to-end visibility across the border, such as when the broker has properly entered the documents and when the shipment has been released at the border.
  • Dedicated, centralized service. Our Freight International Services team works in-house and on a centralized basis to ensure the best possible and most consistent service for our international customers. In order to deal with the more than 1,500 shipments traveling northbound and southbound every day, the 40-member team is professionally trained to specifically handle cross-border international trade.

Qs & As

  • How do we sign up? There's no signing up to do. You simply schedule your FedEx Freight® shipment. Once your shipment is billed, the freight information comes directly into our system and we immediately begin monitoring your freight delivery. You just call to activate our services.
  • What is the cost? The border fee takes care of our service, so no additional charges are assessed. Basically, the Freight International Services team's assistance is free and ready for you to take advantage of with every freight shipment.
  • What about special clearances? We work with customs to identify any documents that are needed for special items such as vehicles, firearms, bonds, plants, meats and other foods.

Start now 
Contact Freight International Services at 800.351.5187, 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, or email for more information.

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