Learn About Changes to FedEx® Services, Rates and More
The FedEx Service Guide website is the best place to find up-to-date info about year-end changes.

Year-end changes to services and rates can affect your shipping decisions. Rely on the FedEx Service Guide to keep you up to date on updates made to FedEx services and products. You can find them in the FedEx Service Guide at fedex.com and in the downloadable PDF. Highlights include:

  • New rates and surcharges. FedEx Express and FedEx Ground rates and surcharges effective Jan. 2, 2012, are now updated in the downloadable PDF.
  • Zone changes for FedEx Express® U.S. export and import services. Jan. 2, 2012, rates include new zone designations for specific countries served.
  • Service updates. There are changes to FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery® and FedEx SmartPost®; most freight services; FedEx Office® and FedEx Trade Networks®; FedEx Door Tags, delivery reattempts, hold at location and FedEx® Delivery Signature Options; FedEx® Returns; dangerous goods and hazardous materials; and the FedEx Express Terms and Conditions and the FedEx Ground Tariff.
  • Optimization for better search results. Find the information you're looking for in the FedEx Service Guide quickly and easily — just type in a keyword using your favorite search engine.

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