The FedEx® Reusable Sturdy Pak — Recycled. Reusable. Remarkable.
Protect your important documents and lightweight products — coming and going.

Do your clients and customers frequently need to return items such as completed legal documents, unwanted merchandise or manuscripts? If your business relies on having packages returned to you, the FedEx Reusable Sturdy Pak might be the perfect packaging solution.

The FedEx Reusable Sturdy Pak is a legal-size envelope that's expandable up to 1-1/2" and built to be used twice. It can hold up to 20 lbs., perfect for your larger, bulkier documents and publications — including documents in binders or folders — as well as lightweight consumer goods and medical supplies. There's enough room so you don't need to fold your important papers or use multiple envelopes to ship large batches of paperwork.

You can use the FedEx Reusable Sturdy Pak for shipping anywhere in the world where FedEx Express® delivers.1 It's a convenient solution for industries that offer both outbound shipping and returns, such as:

  • Publishing companies.
  • Warranty and repair companies.
  • Legal, mortgage and finance companies.
  • Online retailers.

Productive x 2
Shipping your goods using the free FedEx Reusable Sturdy Pak is a smart choice because it:

  • Is environmentally friendly. The packaging is made of 100 percent recycled material and is recyclable.
  • Encourages quick returns. The customer simply affixes the return shipping label on the same envelope and schedules a FedEx® pickup or drops it off at a FedEx location. It's that easy.
  • Saves you money and space. Because of their durability, the paks don't need additional cushioning materials to protect their contents.
  • Conserves supplies. The paks are designed to be used twice so you'll no longer need to enclose an additional pak for the return shipment. This reduces the number of FedEx packaging supplies you'll need on hand.

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1The FedEx Sturdy Pak is not accepted in Canada.

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