A Return Shipping Process Is Vital in
Many Industries

If your business handles returns, use FedEx® Returns for fast and reliable service.

To stay competitive, managing returns and other inbound shipments is now an integral part of doing business. For some industries, return shipping is especially crucial. Consider Southwest Laboratories, a federally certified alcohol- and drug-screening laboratory in Phoenix, Ariz. A fast, convenient and streamlined shipping process is critical to its business and its customers.

Because many of its 500 to 700 daily specimen samples must be tested within 24 hours, Southwest Laboratories depends on the reliability of FedEx Returns for quick-turnaround delivery. The laboratory provides its customers with a FedEx® Clinical Pak and a FedEx return label to easily ship collected specimens for testing. Its customers simply adhere the return label to the package and either schedule a FedEx® pickup or drop the package off at a FedEx location.

Outbound-inbound industries
Companies in industries such as these depend on reliable delivery services for both outbound and inbound shipping:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal, finance and mortgage
  • Online or catalog retail
  • Warranty and repair

Business benefits
When a company offers its customers a convenient returns program, the benefits are numerous and far-reaching:

  • Customer loyalty. High-performing, quality service brings customers back. Most online consumers have indicated that they are more likely to repurchase items from an e-tailer with a convenient returns program.
  • Two-way solution. Law firms and finance and mortgage companies need reliable inbound and outbound shipments of legal documents to complete customer transactions. Similarly, product-repair companies commonly promote quick-turnaround service to their customers.
  • Peace of mind. Medical, pharmaceutical and other healthcare-related companies require timely delivery and return of products, specimens and specialized packages.
  • Optimized inventory control. Online companies need enough products on hand to fill customers’ orders, but not so much inventory that their funds are tied up in overstock.
  • Visibility. Companies and their customers must be able to conveniently track the status of inbound and outbound shipments with a single tracking number to plan workflow and manage inventory.

Select your return solution
Like your industry, return solutions are specific to a particular need and service. You want to select the one that best suits your business. We make it easy for you.

Check out our website of return solutions. The newly redesigned site offers suggestions of which return solution is right for you based on your industry and specific needs. For instance, if you’re an e-tailer and process a daily average of more than 100 return shipments, consider FedEx SmartPost® Returns. It’s an economical and convenient option.

We also feature case studies on our website for companies in your field so you can identify with how a return solution is put to use.

How it works
All of the FedEx return solutions are easy to use. Simply select one of the options that works best for your company:

  • When you initially ship your customers’ orders, include a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number (if you have one) and print a return label.
  • Email the return label to your customers or request that FedEx completes the label and delivers it to them.
  • Go paperless by integrating with the FedEx® Return System.

Not sure how to create a return label? Watch the demo and learn how easy it is to make linked or standalone labels or print return labels via FedEx Ship Manager® at fedex.com.

And for heavy documents or goods up to 20 lbs., send your customers the new FedEx® Reusable Sturdy Pak as a convenient return-shipment package. It’s expandable up to 1-1/2", made of 100% recycled material and recyclable. To order, click on the Get Packaging & Supplies tab on Our Services.

Start now
To begin using FedEx Returns, use your preferred FedEx electronic shipping solution or simply contact your FedEx account executive. Together, you can decide which return solution is right for you.

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