Fast, reliable LTL shipping With FedEx Freight® Priority
When speed is critical to your freight shipments, keep your business moving fast and far with FedEx Freight Priority.

It's a good thing when business gets unexpectedly hectic, whether it's caused by an unanticipated surge in customer orders, a requested rush job or an early development of a new product line. These are situations that business owners typically welcome.

But you don't want a busy situation to adversely affect your business. After all, to be successful, you need to keep your customers happy. You still want your orders shipped to your customers on time, without delay. This is where FedEx Freight Priority fits into your business plan.

Value-added service options
When speed is critical, FedEx Freight Priority is the service to select. With this fast, reliable service, you're given options to help make your workday run more smoothly:

FedEx Freight is driving industry change, because we're committed to delivering an easier way to ship so you can keep your customers satisfied.

Transit times
You can view transit maps for an overview of delivery times. For specific transit times, go to Get FedEx Freight Transit Times and enter the ZIP codes for the origin and destination locations, or the city and state or province.

Learn more
Go to for more information on services and timesaving options available to you. Go to to learn more about how FedEx Freight is driving industry change.

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1Applies to FXF 1000 Rate Base customers only. Subject to terms and conditions provided in the FXF 100 Series Rules Tariff.

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