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The 2010 Global Citizenship Update shares our commitment to economic growth and environmental sustainability.

FedEx moved closer to meeting its 2020 global citizenship goals with significant support from its 290,000 global team members and through a number of smart investments. The FedEx 2010 Global Citizenship Update, recently released, showcases how smart collaboration and strategic investments can help connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways, while creating economic opportunity. Highlights include:


  • Increased vehicle fuel efficiency by 15.1% since 2005 (goal of 20% by 2020).
  • Reduced aircraft carbon dioxide emissions by 13.5% as of 2010 (up from 8.3% in 2009).
  • Grew the all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicle fleet nearly 20% to 43 and 365, respectively.
  • Provided 11.2 gigawatt hours of solar power at five global facilities.
  • FedEx Ground recycled more than 46 million pounds of paper, cardboard, scrap metal and plastic film since 2006.
  • FedEx Office recycled more than 2 million pounds of paper in the first six months of its recycling efforts.


  • Increased operating margin from 2.1% in our 2009 fiscal year to 6.1% in fiscal 2011.
  • Added six Boeing 777F freighters — increasing our fleet to 12 — and introduced direct flights from Memphis to South Korea and southeast China.


  • Increased charitable giving to 1.51% of our pre-tax profits, compared with the average U.S. corporation donations of 1.12% in fiscal 2009.
  • Donated space for 5.2 million pounds of charitable shipping globally during our 2010 fiscal year, well above our average of 4 million pounds.


  • Named to FORTUNE magazine's 2011 list of Most Admired Companies, ranking No. 8 on the prestigious list. Other recent reputable awards include Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Forbes' Top 10 Most Reputable U.S. Companies and Newsweek's Top 500 Greenest U.S. Companies.
  • Maintained global full-time retention rate in fiscal 2010 at 92.6%, up from 91.5% in fiscal 2009.

"We have a commitment to people around the globe," said Frederick W. Smith, FedEx Corp. chairman, president and CEO. "A commitment to use resources responsibly, to expand our capabilities wisely and well, and to help people, businesses and communities thrive. Everyone at FedEx creates connections that change people's lives for the better. FedEx team members' actions speak just as loudly as the numbers that mark FedEx corporate responsibility progress."

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Download the 2010 Global Citizenship Update. From here, listen to team members' stories on YouTube and at the FedEx Blog.

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