Less Congestion Makes Dock Employees Happy
FedEx Freight streamlined operations for Liebherr Construction Equipment Company.

For reliable LTL (less-than-truckload) freight shipping, you need a carrier you can depend on. When considering what company to use, it's beneficial to get insight from current customers. What freight services do they use, how do they use them, and what's the outcome? What have they found challenging, and how does the freight shipping company help overcome those challenges? The answers to these and other questions can help you decide which LTL shipping company is best for you.

We interviewed Oliver Frey, parts marketing analyst at Liebherr Construction Equipment, to find out why the company made FedEx Freight its primary LTL carrier. Here's an introduction to Frey's story. The more in-depth version is featured on fedex.com/shipfreight.

Liebherr Construction Equipment

As a major distributor of heavy machinery, Liebherr Construction Equipment needed to overcome a major challenge: a congested dock area due to the comings and goings of trucks from various LTL shipping companies.

With FedEx Freight® services now under one streamlined network, Liebherr Construction Equipment is able to consolidate its use of LTL shipping companies. By selecting FedEx Freight as its primary LTL shipping company, Liebherr has access to two shipping services that use the same truck and the same driver — FedEx Freight® Priority for speed, and FedEx Freight® Economy for savings.

"My shipping department has never been happier," says Oliver Frey, parts marketing analyst at Liebherr Construction Equipment.

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