Providing Faster Times for Your FedEx Freight® Shipments
Enhancements in the Northwest region and throughout Mexico deliver benefits to your business.

Your business depends on fast delivery of your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. That’s why we’re always working to enhance our networks — to provide you with faster transit times so you can better serve your customers. Our expansion in the Northwest region and throughout Mexico translates into faster transit times for your LTL shipments, a better experience for your customers — and a boost to your bottom line.

Northwest region
We’ve recently made some enhancements to our FedEx Freight® Priority service to and from the Northwest region. This means transit time improvements of 1 day for more than 3,400 lanes. How can your small business benefit from 1-day-faster transit time?                                 

  • Stronger customer base. When you can bring your customers faster service, you’re building customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Broader supplier network. You can expand your supplier network to greater distances and still keep the same delivery schedule. That can evolve into more competitive pricing and better product lines for your company.
  • Wider market reach. The opportunity to grow your customer base increases when your delivery area expands.
  • Improved supply chain management. With more flexibility in when you receive inventory, you gain greater control over cash flow.
  • Faster payments. The faster the shipment to your customer, the faster the payment to you.

When speed is critical to your supply chain, choose FedEx Freight Priority for faster delivery. When you can trade time for savings, use FedEx Freight® Economy for reliable service. 

Check it out
Go to the FedEx Freight Get Transit Times tool to see how fast FedEx Freight Priority can ship to and from the Northwest region for you. You can also click here to view and print a color-coded map. Then contact FedEx Freight to schedule your next shipment.

The recent addition of three FedEx service centers in Mexican cities — Puebla, Toluca and Veracruz — created market-leading transit times to and from the border. In fact, adding the centers reduced the transit times by anywhere from 50 to 60 percent from the border to:

  • Puebla, from 2 days to 1 day.
  • Toluca, from 2 days to 1 day.
  • Veracruz, from 4 days to 2 days.
  • Villahermosa, from 5 days to 2 days.

Now, with 15 centers in Mexico, you get direct coverage to more than 85 percent of the Mexican population. That’s something no other U.S.-based carrier can claim. The single point of contact enabled by direct coverage means your intra-Mexico shipment will reach its destination faster. And because we don’t hand over your freight to a third-party carrier to finish the transaction, your shipment stays secure and there’s less chance for damage. 

Here’s what the additional centers, faster transit times and more direct coverage means for your intra-Mexico shipments: 

  • More opportunities to schedule same-day pickups.
  • Direct service to Veracruz, a major seaport in Mexico, supports a more productive supply chain and expands international shipping opportunities. 
  • More LTL coverage lets you ship in smaller quantities without being limited to using full-truckload options.

FedEx Freight offers advanced technology, single invoice capabilities, bilingual customer service and fast transit times thanks to customized border solutions and our exclusive strategic alliance with transportation service provider Auto Lineas America (ALA). With FedEx at the forefront of the LTL shipping industry, we can offer you the same commitment to quality and on-time service in Mexico as you get in the U.S.

Additionally, of the U.S.-based carriers with both Mexico and international LTL door-to-door capabilities, we’re the only one using a single technology platform to manage shipping operations among the NAFTA countries. This streamlining eases your intra-Mexico and intra-Canada trading experiences and makes trading among the three NAFTA countries more appealing as a single market.

For all your Mexico shipments, FedEx Freight delivers.

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Consult with your account executive for transit time updates. Then schedule your next shipment at FedEx Freight.

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