FedEx® International DirectDistribution

No matter what mode you choose for international distribution and transportation – air, surface or ocean – we can help you find a direct route for your shipments.

Unlike traditional distribution, FedEx International DirectDistribution consolidates multiple packages or freight into a single shipment to reduce fees and streamline clearance through customs, before transporting and distributing individual shipments directly to your customers and retailers. By keeping inventory moving in the air, on the road and on water, the benefits to your supply chain add up quickly.

Our single-source solutions reduce transit times, cut staging time and eliminate the extra steps involved with multiple warehouses and vendors, hand-offs and redundant paperwork.

We provide cost-competitive solutions that optimize supply chain productivity and efficiency from manufacturer to market — cutting clearance fees, bypassing distribution centers and reducing carrying costs.

Our FedEx® network is at the core of this portfolio of services, so you can count on a menu of choices to meet transit-time needs — from air, surface and ocean transportation at origin to FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery®, FedEx Freight®, FedEx Custom Critical® and FedEx SmartPost® services for delivery at the final destination.

Because FedEx manages control of goods in transit, you get confidence and peace of mind throughout the distribution cycle. With advanced international shipping tools and status visibility at all points along the way, issues can be addressed, and errors, loss or damage can be averted.

By tapping into the international freight forwarding and customs expertise of FedEx Trade Networks, we can eliminate multiple points of contact to simplify global distribution transactions. You can expect a personal relationship with your FedEx distribution specialist, a solutions-oriented approach based on your unique direct distribution needs, and the convenience of consolidated invoicing.

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