FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Broker Diversion at US/MX Border

US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 2, 2017

Item 821-3


Broker Diversion at US/MX Border

  1. Shipments that originate from the United States or Canada destined to Mexicoor shipments that originate from Mexico to the United States or Canadamust be tendered to a Broker for cross border clearance. In those cases where the Broker does not tender the shipment back to FedEx to affect the final leg of the delivery, the shipment will be updated to show the consignee as the FedEx service center that tendered the shipment to the Broker. There will be no reconsignment or diversion charges applied to the shipment. Nor will FedEx be held liable for those shipments that the Broker did not tender back to FedEx beyond the point where the shipment was tendered to the Broker.