FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Collection of Charges and Extension of Credit


US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 1, 2018

Item 435


Collection of Charges and Extension of Credit

  1. COLLECTION OF CHARGES accruing, and responsibility for payment of all freight charges, are due and payable to Carrier, subject to the following provisions:
    1. For prepaid shipments, charges are due and payable by the Consignor, at the time the prepaid shipment is tendered by the Consignor.
    2. For collect shipments, charges are due and payable by the Consignee at the time the collect shipment is received by the Consignee.
    3. For optional and additional services, at the time any optional or additional service is requested or possession of the shipment involved, or any part thereof, is relinquished by Carrier.
    4. For third party shipments, charges are due and payable by the party shown on the original bill of lading as the Payor of the freight charges, upon presentation of a freight bill(see Paragraph 3 herein).
    5. No shipment will be accepted when the linehaul charges are partially prepaid or partially collect.
    6. Freight charges must be prepaid on all shipments consigned to trade or traveling shows, fairs or exhibits.
    7. Freight charges must be prepaid on export shipments, except as follows:
      1. Shipments moving on government bills of lading.
      2. Shipments destined to Canada, or to Mexico when freight charges are guaranteed by the Consignor or when established credit and guarantee of charges have been secured with the U.S. domestic Consignee or freight forwarder.
    8. Except as otherwise provided, rates and charges contained herein are expressed in U.S. Currency.
    9. Except as otherwise provided, payment of freight charges will be in U.S. Currency.
  2. EXTENSION OF CREDIT for charges accruing may be provided to Consignor/Consignee as follows:
    1. Presentation of freight charges may be by U.S. Mail, Electronic Data Interchange (E.D.I.), or by other acceptable methods.
    2. Extension of Credit, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, will be as follows:
      1. Outbound Prepaid - 15 days from shipment date.
      2. Outbound Collect - 15 days from delivery date.
      3. Additional Charges after freight relinquished - 30 days from presentation of the subsequently issued freight bill.
    3. Payment may be by valid check, draft, money order, Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT), Automatic Clearing House (ACH), or other acceptable methods. Cash will NOT be accepted.
    4. When payment is by wire transfer, the following charge will apply:
      1. For Domestic, $38.00 for each wire transfer transaction.
      2. For International, $48.00 for each wire transfer transaction.
  3. When a Third Party (a party other than the Consignor/Consignee or its freight payment processor) is shown on the bill of lading as being responsible for the payment of freight charges, the shipment will be subject to the following provisions:
    1. Shipment will be billed as "prepaid".
    2. Consignor does not execute Section 7 of the bill of lading.
    3. Consignor has established credit with originating Carrier.
    4. Consignor guarantees to pay all accrued charges if the Third Party fails to do so within the time allowed.
    5. Name and address of Third Party must be clearly shown on the original bill of lading.
  4. When checks or similar instruments tendered Carrier are returned to Carrier unpaid, the following service charge will apply:
    1. $93.00 for each check or similar instrument.
  5. If the Carrier is forced to utilize an outside collection source, the following provisions will apply:
    1. Revocation of all applicable discounts and allowances, resulting in collection of gross charges.
  6. Any attempt to discharge an outstanding debt to Carrier by marking a payment of less than full outstanding balance “Paid in Full” or “Accord and Satisfaction” or similar language will be null and void.
  7. Payments made on a debtor’s account may be applied to any unpaid invoice issued on that account.