FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Customs or Inbond Freight

US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 1, 2018

Item 480


Customs or Inbond Freight

  1. When shipments move under U.S. Customs Bond to a point in the United States, the following charges will apply per shipment:
    1. Each movement from, to or between U.S. Customs Clearance location(s) will be considered a separate movement and the following CUSTOMS OR IN BOND charges will apply:
      1. $5.53 per cwt., subject to a minimum charge of $110.00. Maximum charge per pup or vehicle will be $513.00.
        1. Includes freight moving from site to initial pickup to another site for Customs clearance prior to departure from port facilities.
        2. For movements requiring the use of more than one trailer, each trailer will be considered a separate shipment when determining charges under this item.
  2. The Consignor/Consignee's line haul charges on shipments requiring U.S. Customs Clearance destined to a point outside of the point of U.S. Customs Clearance will be assessed from origin point to U.S. Customs Clearance point, then to final destination. When the final destination point is within the U.S. Customs Clearance point, the applicable rates and charges will be those to the U.S. Customs Clearance point or final destination, whichever is greater.
    1. Not applicable for shipments moving from or to Canada when U.S. Customs Clearance is performed at ports on the U.S. - Canada border or adjacent thereto,
  3. Shipments moving in bond will not be afforded stop-offs, split pickups, or split deliveries. In bond freight will not be allowed to move on the same bill of lading as freight not moving in bond.
  4. Shipments held for U.S. Customs clearance will be subject to applicable detention or storage charges. Such charges will be assessed against the party responsible for payment of the linehaul charges. Notification to the Collector of Customs that a shipment is available for Customs inspection will constitute tender of shipment for delivery.
  5. Each Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods Subject to Customs Inspections and Permit-CBP Form # 7512 (regardless of Class of Entry) issued will be considered as a separate shipment and accompanied by one bill of lading. This Paragraph will not apply to shipments subject to truckload rates or commodity or class rates subject to a minimum weight of 20,000 pounds or more moving between steamship company piers or wharves or when such shipments are delivered to a U.S. Customs warehouse.
  6. Shipments picked up in the US and consigned for export outside the US that require advance coordination before export are allowed five business days based on the date of pickup. This coordination may include advance customs entry, export registration, bond cancelation, or any required process that may delay the export the shipment. After five business days the shipment will be subject to Storage Rules as prescribed in Item 910.