FXF 100 Rules Tariff


US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 1, 2018

Item 500-2



  1. When Carrier's trailer/doubles is delayed by Consignor/Consignee for loading or unloading on or near the premises of Consignor/Consignee DETENTION charges will begin upon expiration of the applicable free time allowed and will end when the trailer/doubles is loaded or unloaded and is available for movement.
  2. Free time will begin when Carrier notifies Consignor/Consignee that the trailer/doubles is available for loading or unloading.
  3. The following DETENTION charges will apply when accrued in the US:
    1. For DETENTION with Power, the following charges and provisions will apply:
      1. $52.00 per pup for each 15 minutes or fraction thereof, subject to a minimum charge of $61.00.
      2. Free time will be determined as follows:


        a.1.  Less than 1,000 lbs.

        15 minutes

        a.2.  1,000 through 4,999 lbs.

        30 minutes

        a.3.  5,000 through 9,999 lbs.

        40 minutes

        a.4.  10,000 lbs. or more

        60 minutes

        b. Non-working periods, such as meal, coffee or rest breaks, not exceeding one hour, will be excluded from the computation of free time.
      3. FedEx Freight shall have the right to collect charges from the Payor in the case of both loading or unloading, regardless of whether linehaul charges are prepaid or collect.
      4. When loading or unloading is not completed by the end of the business day, Consignor/Consignee has the option to:
        1. Request trailer/doubles without power remain. Free time will cease, and DETENTION without Power will begin with applicable free time.
        2. Request trailer/doubles leave the site and return the next business day when loading or unloading will resume. Free time will be suspended until trailer/doubles is returned. Storage and redelivery charges will apply without additional free time.
      5. DETENTION with Power will also apply when Carrier assists in loading, unloading, counts or checks the freight whether the power remains or not.
    2. For DETENTION without Power, the following charges and provisions will apply:
      1. $171.00 per trailer for each 24-hour period or fraction thereof, excluding non-business days. Charges cease when the Customer notifies Carrier that the equipment is available to Carrier.
      2. Free time will be determined as follows:
        1. 24 hours, excluding non-business days.
      3. Subject to availability of equipment, Carrier will spot trailer/doubles for loading or unloading on the premises or designated site as requested by Consignor/Consignee, or as close as conditions permit. Customer or its designee may move the spotted trailer with its own power units at its own expense and risk for the purpose of loading or unloading.
      4. Consignor/Consignee will perform all loading or unloading, including the counting and checking of freight. In the case of loading, the Bill of Lading must show, "shipper load and count". When a trailer/doubles is unloaded and reloaded, each transaction will be treated independently of the other except that when unloading is completed, free time for loading shall not begin until free time for unloading has elapsed.
      5. Carrier responsibility for safeguarding shipments will begin when Carrier takes possession of a trailer/doubles loaded by Consignor, and will end when Carrier spots pup/set for unloading by Consignee, as the case may be.
      6. DELAY IN TRAILER PICKUP CHARGE: No additional charge will be made for picking up trailers spotted under this item when such pickup can be performed within 30 minutes after arrival of driver and power unit at premises of Consignor, Consignee, or other party designated by them. When a delay of more than 30 minutes is encountered, detention charges for vehicles with power will commence from the time of arrival as specified in Item 500-1.
      7. STRIKE INTERFERENCE CHARGE: When, because of a strike of its employees, it is impossible for Consignor, Consignee, or other party designated by them to make available for movement by carrier any partially loaded, or empty trailers detained on their premises, a detention charge of $138.00 per day or fraction thereof, per trailer will be made following expiration of free time. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays shall be included after the 4th day of charges.
  4. When Carrier Detention with Power is accrued within Mexico, the charge will be $29.00 per 30 minutes or fractions thereof after 45 minutes of free time.