FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Pickup or Delivery Service


US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 2, 2017

Item 750


Pickup or Delivery Service

  1. Rates include one pickup and loading and one delivery and unloading or one tender or delivery of a shipment by Carrier at one site and during business hours, subject to the following provisions:
    1. Pickup or delivery site will be directly accessible or immediately adjacent to Carrier's equipment, and will be suitable and practicable for such equipment to operate, and does not endanger Carrier.
    2. Carrier will not be required to receive freight liable to damage other freight or Carrier's equipment.
    3. Pickup or delivery service will not be performed by the Carrier at any site from or to which it is impracticable to operate vehicles because of:
      1. The conditions of roads, streets, driveways, alleys or approaches thereto
      2. Inadequate loading or unloading facilities
      3. Riots, acts of God, the public enemy, the authority of law, the existence of violence, or such possible disturbances as tending to create reasonable apprehension or danger to persons or property
    4. When freight is transported in shipping containers, such as pallets, skids, totes, reels or other such articles, which are an integral part of the shipment, such containers are to be delivered and receipted for by the Consignee. Carrier will not return such containers free of charge, even though the bill of lading may so state.
  2. Loading and unloading service will be subject to the following provisions:
    1. Carrier will perform the loading and unloading including counting the freight, except as provided in NMFC Item 568 and as shown below:
      1. Does not include assembling, packing or unpacking, dismantling, inspecting, sorting or segregating freight except when a shipment is tendered to the Carrier in lots according to size, brand, flavor, or other characteristics and is so identified on the Bill of Lading or accompanying papers. Normal delivery service includes delivery of the shipment to the Consignee in the same manner, including the placement of such sorted or segregated lots on the platform, dock, conveyor, pallet, dolly, buggy or similar device provided by the Consignee for the receipt of freight within or adjacent to the vehicle without additional charge to the extent such service is performed within the free time period allowed by the applicable detention provisions. If delivery is not completed within the allowable free time, Carrier will continue to unload the vehicle subject to applicable detention charges.
      2. Does not include special equipment used in hoisting, lowering, handling or placing freight into position. Such special equipment will be furnished and operated by the Consignor/Consignee, except for hand trucks or four-wheeled hand carts, or pallet jacks (non-riding Type) when furnished by the Consignor/Consignee. Consignor/Consignee shall assume responsibility for safe loading or unloading of the freight.
      3. Does not allow for the opening of packages or unitized shipments.
    2. Carrier will provide one employee per pup/set or vehicle for loading or unloading.
    3. Consignor/Consignee may, at his own expense, elect to waive and perform the loading or unloading of freight from Carrier's pup/set or vehicle .
  3. FedEx Freight does not offer a restricted-delivery service and may deliver to someone other than the named individual, if any, named on the bill of lading. Upon written arrangements, freight consigned to places where no representative of the Consignee is present or available to receipt for the shipment will be delivered and unloaded by Carrier and left unattended at the Designated place. Carrier will not be responsible for any theft, loss or damage after delivery, or for any damage to shipment, property, or personal injury arising out of the delivery.
  4. Actual tender of delivery, notice by telephone, electronic transmission or U.S. Mail, shall constitute notice of arrival of the shipment.
  5. If, through no fault of the Carrier, freight cannot be delivered, Carrier will make a diligent effort to notify the Consignor promptly that the freight is in storage and the reason thereof.