FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Prearranged Scheduling of Vehicle Arrival for Loading or Unloading

US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 2, 2017

Item 503
Prearranged Scheduling of Vehicle Arrival for Loading or Unloading

  1. The provisions of this item do not apply with respect to detention occurring at origins and destinations within the State of Alaska.
  2. Upon reasonable request of Consignor, Consignee or others designated by them and subject to the provisions contained herein, carriers will, without additional charge prearrange schedules for arrival of vehicles, for loading or unloading shipments governed by Item 500-1.
    1. Request for prearranged scheduling may be oral or in writing.
    2. Prearranged schedules for arrival of vehicle for loading or unloading may be on a one-time or continuous basis mutually agreeable to all parties. Continuous prearranged scheduling agreements may be terminated by any party to the agreement on not less than 24 hours notice prior to the effective date of such cancellation.
    3. The scheduled time for arrival of vehicle for unloading should be prior to the time storage charges would begin to accrue. If arrival for unloading is not so scheduled, storage charges will be assessed as provided in applicable tariff.