FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Sorting, Segregating, Reconstructing

US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 1, 2018

Item 887


Sorting, Segregating, Reconstructing

  1. When Consignor/Consignee requests or when the product terms of sale requires a shipment be sorted or segregated according to size, brand, flavor or other distinguishing characteristics, and placed on the Consignee's dock, pallet, or similar device, or if Consignor/Consignee requests the shipment to be reconstructed, and Carrier is able to provide suitable labor to perform the service, the following charges will apply:
    1. $3.00 per cwt. or $1.14 per piece, whichever produces the higher charge, subject to a minimum charge of $121.00, which shall be billed to the debtor of the shipment.
  2. This item will not apply when Consignor tenders shipment in a sorted or segregated manner and so notates on the bill of lading, unless Consignee requests additional sorting and segregating.
  3. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary that may be contained herein, when the shipment is requested to be sorted or segregated but the Consignor fails to tender the shipment in that manner, FedEx Freight, Inc. shall have the right, but not the obligation, to bill the charges to the Consignor and such charges shall then be borne by the Consignor.