FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Update Log

US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 2, 2017

Item Rule Date of Change Change
960 &
Loss or Damage 10/9/17 Added paragraph concerning disposition of damaged chemical shipments.
405 & 571 Zone-Lite Rates 9/18/17 Zone-Lite rates discontinued. Removing all references.
578 Shipper Load or Consignee Unload 9/18/17 Amended paragraphs 1.A.1., 1.A.3., 1.A.9. & 1.B.2.
420 Carrier Liability 5/30/17 Amended paragraph 5.A.1. to remove example.
754 FedEx Freight® Priority Plus 5/30/17 Product name change from FedEx Freight® First Delivery to FedEx Freight® Priority Plus
759 Volume Services 5/30/17 Added paragraph 13. for handling of freight unable to move with fork lift.
780 Prohibited or Restricted Articles 5/30/17 Amended paragraph 1.B. Alcoholic Beverage shipments to Consumer no longer accepted. Licensee to Licensee still allowed.
780 Prohibited or Restricted Articles 5/30/17 Amended paragraph 4.Z. for additional clarification on food shipments.
780 Prohibited or Restricted Articles 5/30/17 Amended paragraph 4 & 6.G. to follow NMFC classification changes
771 Prepayment 5/30/17 US/CN Section 2A. Updated Item number from 770 to 771.
750-9-2B Region Shopping Mall 5/30/17 Intra CN Section 2B. Additional explanation of when charge applies.
150 Indemnification 1/2/17 Amended item.
430 Collect on Delivery 1/2/17 Deleted paragraph 3.A.4.  No longer necessary to limit to no more than 3 payment instruments.
530 Extreme Length 1/2/17 Modified to apply on dimensions of 12 feet or greater.
770 Food Shipments 1/2/17 New Item.
780 Prohibited or Restricted Articles 1/2/17 Amended paragraphs 4.A., 4.Z. and 7.
996 Easy LTL 1/2/17 Removed Item in its entirety. No longer applicable.
400 Class Rate Application 1/2/17 Updated to include rates to date.
750-7-1 & 750-7-2B Delivery Service –
Mine Sites
1/2/17 Added location – LSD NE Mariana Lake
ALL Optional or additional service fees and charges 1/2/17 Updated fees and charges for all optional or additional services.