FXF 100 Rules Tariff

Vehicle Furnished but Not Used

US Section 1
US/Canada Section 2A
Intra Canada Section 2B
US/Mexico Section 3

Effective Date January 1, 2018

Item 620


Vehicle Furnished but Not Used

  1. When Carrier, upon receipt of a request to pick up a truckload or volume shipment, or to furnish a pup/set or vehicle for the expedited service, or for exclusive use of a Consignor, has dispatched a vehicle for such purpose and, due to no disability, fault or negligence on the part of the Carrier, the pup/set or vehicle is not used, charges will be assessed against the Consignor making such request. Accrual of these charges will terminate when Carrier is notified that the pup/set or vehicle will not be used.
  2. Charges are $474.00 per unit of equipment per day or fraction thereof.