FedEx Freight Advance Notice®

Sign up now so you'll know when to expect the unexpected.

Sometimes things just happen. That’s why we offer FedEx Freight Advance Notice*. It’s a free web-based service that notifies you immediately on the rare occasion when a FedEx Freight® Priority shipment is off schedule, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to keep your business up to speed and give you a competitive advantage.

With FedEx Freight Advance Notice you can:

  • Receive account- or shipment-level updates for your FedEx Freight Priority U.S., Canada and Mexico shipments.
  • Learn the reason for the delay and receive a revised estimated delivery date when available.
  • Better manage inventory replenishment, resources and labor.

How to sign up:

  • Click on the button below to go to the log in page.
  • If you have a FedEx account, enter your user ID and password.
  • Then select the Track tab and select Sign up for FedEx Freight Advance Notice.
  • If you do not have a FedEx account, sign up now.

To learn more contact your account executive today or call FedEx Freight Customer Service at 1.866.393.4585.

*All services are subject to the terms and conditions of the FXF 100 Series Rules Tariff.