FedEx Freight® Priority Plus

Opportunity to meet your freight deadlines.

  • Your store needs to stock up before a holiday deadline.
  • You sold out of a product faster than expected.
  • Your boss wants the product there now.
There are plenty of reasons to speed up your freight. But when time is absolutely essential, there’s only one good option: FedEx Freight Priority Plus. This service allows you to request an upgrade to your freight shipment - even if it's already in transit.

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The nation’s fastest published freight transit times. Even faster.

FedEx Freight® Priority offers the fastest published transit times of any nationwide LTL service. And with FedEx Freight Priority Plus, you can take advantage of those transit times with the added benefit of delivery windows. So whether you need the freight to be delivered after closing time, early in the morning, or on Saturday, we can work to make sure it gets there as quickly as possible.

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Upgrade your freight now

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Be confident in your speed.

Every FedEx Freight Priority Plus shipment provides end-to-end visibility, so you know where your freight is at all times.

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Don’t go it alone.

You know you need the freight delivered fast — but you may not be sure how to make it happen. That’s fine. Our team of transportation analysts are on hand to ensure your freight shipment gets to its destination as quickly as possible.

Give your shipment extra speed with FedEx Freight Priority Plus.

Our team can help you meet tough deadlines.


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