Work smarter, not harder.

Create all your shipments from a single point with the FedEx® API Integration Program! Easily enable multi-carrier connections through one integration point so you can eliminate backlogs and costs.

  • Work smarter, not harder with FedEx Freight API Integration and project44

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Efficiency for all.

Shipping with multiple carriers using your existing system has never been easier with the FedEx API Integration Program. You’ll be able to integrate FedEx shipping capabilities with the tools you already use to automate the entire shipping lifecycle.

Streamline your technologies.

Improve visibility

With multiple APIs using multiple protocols, visibility can be a challenge. Increase transparency with real-time tracking, reduce the cost of legacy software, and eliminate backlogs with one integration point.

Enjoy more accurate rate quotes

Manual billing has the potential for human error during the process. Offer instant, accurate and secure automated rate quotes directly from each carrier, even for freight shipments, with invoices that match the rate quote, to the penny.

Decrease dock congestion

Waiting on Bills of Lading causes dock congestion, slowing the shipment process. Easily automate your Bill of Lading so that drivers can simply scan and go, increasing your speed to market.

Complete carrier connections quickly

Shippers often don’t know the PRO# until the next day, prolonging the shipment. Accelerate the process by completing connections to new carriers in just a few hours, instant real-time connection to dispatch, automatic PRO# generation and more.

Get more efficient invoice documentation

When the Rate Quote ID is not included on your Bill of Lading, you often have to pay a 50% upcharge. Instantly know when Bill of Lading and Delivery Receipt images are available, dynamically correlate a Rate Quote ID and an invoice, and increase A/P productivity.

Reduce costs with one integration point

Paying for expert resources can be costly. Eliminate additional development and IT maintenance, while reducing your costs, with one integration point.

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Automate like never before with project44.

project44 enables to you get instant, accurate and secure rate quotes directly from your carrier, no matter which one you use — all without the need for costly IT and software licensing — increasing your speed to market so you can meet customer expectations while growing revenue and increasing efficiency. To get started, call your FedEx account executive.