How FedEx® Global Returns Can Benefit Your Industry

Learn how our global returns solution is uniquely suited to meet the needs of your industry, as well as help you boost your sustainability efforts.

No matter your industry, the increased visibility and tracking capabilities of our global returns solution will enable you to plan staffing and other resource utilization ahead of time, based on the volume of products in your return pipeline.

Retail Industry

  • What you need: To reduce call center costs, resolve problems quickly, increase customer loyalty and earn repeat business.
  • How we can help: Provide an easy and inexpensive return solution for your customers who want to return merchandise for credit, refund or exchange.

Legal, Financial, Real Estate and Insurance Industry

  • What you need: To turn the document or contract around quickly and execute on the deal.
  • How we can help: Provide a simple, fast and trackable returns solution.

Warranty/Repair Industry

  • What you need: To reduce customer downtime, cut spare parts inventory and optimize the efficiency of your field service technicians. When you service and maintain capital equipment and need to ensure your customers' businesses continue to operate smoothly, getting parts or replacement equipment to them quickly, reliably and inexpensively is critical.
  • How we can help: Provide you with a returns solution that enables you to reduce your own costs while maximizing the return on your capital investments.


  • What you need:  Ensure your high-value products and samples are returned quickly — both by customers and by your sales representatives — to avoid degradation, maximize utilization, minimize inventory and meet compliance regulations.
  • How we can help: Provide a simple, fast, reliable and trackable returns solution that’s easy for your sales representatives, central facilities and end customers to use.

Sustainable Returns

Sustainability and returns go hand in hand. A key to supply chain sustainability is a thoughtful returns strategy that includes:

  • Product repair and refurbishment
  • Product restocking and redeployment
  • Goods and materials recycling

Not only do these tactics help companies move the sustainability needle, they also help cut costs.

Returns management adds value to sustainability efforts in the following ways:

  • Provides the infrastructure to remove unwanted, outdated, obsolete, recalled, defective and inbound assets from the primary stream of commerce and moves them into the proper alternative stream for disposal or reuse and does so in a planned, affordable and controllable way.
  • Extends the life of assets by remanufacturing, repairing, reselling or recycling goods that flow through the returns pipeline.

"Reverse logistics is inherently green," explains Gailen Vick, president of the Reverse Logistics Association, a trade organization focused on educating retailers, manufacturers and third-party logistics providers about the benefits of reverse logistics. "Repairing, refurbishing, or recycling a product instead of throwing it in a landfill automatically does good for Mother Earth."1

Connecting the world in responsible and resourceful ways
We know our industry has an impact on the environment. That’s why we’re working to minimize that impact by reducing our carbon footprint and improving the way we do business to help our communities and the environment. Our success is due to EarthSmart®, a comprehensive set of programs that help inspire and guide our sustainability efforts, some of which include:

  • Paperless processing solutions such as FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents. Customers in 71 countries can submit their customs documents online, without printing a single piece of paper. Customers can also go online to electronically create shipping labels, download invoice data and make payments, dramatically lowering the amount of paper used for the average shipment.
  • Reusable, recyclable and recycled content packaging. For more than a decade, we’ve worked to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging. Wherever possible, we use recycled content and maximize recyclability. Examples of our efforts include:
    • Both the FedEx® Reusable Sturdy Pak and the Legal Size Reusable FedEx® Envelope are designed to be used twice and make ideal options for return shipments.
    • With our carbon-neutral envelope shipping initiative, every FedEx envelope delivery is carbon offset to minimize its impact on the environment — at no extra charge to you. We work with BP Target Neutral, a not-for-profit offset provider that invests in programs like wind farms and reforestation projects that neutralize the carbon created in shipping our envelopes around the world.

The FedEx Global Returns solution is just one way we can help your business be more sustainable. To learn more about what we do as a company to promote environmental sustainability, go to EarthSmart.

1Source: Inbound Logistics magazine