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U.S. Government Shipping

Terms and Conditions Archive

This term was updated in January 2003. 1


  1. Size restrictions vary by country.
  2. Per-package weight limits may vary by country.
  3. There is no limit on the aggregate weight of a multiple-piece shipment (except to Argentina), provided each individual package does not exceed the per-package weight limit specified in the FedEx Express Worldwide Directory for the destination country. Shipments exceeding 500 lbs. require advance arrangements with us. You must call us to arrange for pickup commitments and delivery commitments. The Money-Back Guarantee will apply only once a delivery commitment has been established by FedEx after pickup of your shipment.
  4. No more than one type of service may be indicated on a single air waybill and no more than one FedEx Envelope, FedEx 10kg Box or FedEx 25kg Box may be shipped on a single air waybill.
  5. You may ship up to ten (10) different commodities on a single air waybill.
  6. Blood, urine and other liquid diagnostic specimens containing infectious substances are considered dangerous goods. (See "Dangerous Goods".) IATA regulations apply. NOTE: Regulated Infectious Substances must not be shipped in Diagnostic Specimen Paks. Non-infectious blood, urine and diagnostic specimens must be packaged to specific FedEx standards. For information on FedEx standards for diagnostic specimens, see our Web site at fedex.com or request our brochure for blood, urine and diagnostic samples. (Also see "Packaging and Marking".)
  7. Laptop, desktop, notebook, mini-computers or any type of electronic equipment must be shipped in FedEx laptop packaging or in the manufacturer's original packaging. See Liabilities Not Assumed.
  8. The declared value for carriage cannot exceed the declared value for Customs as indicated on the air waybill.

1See current version.


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