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The healthcare industry is as diverse as the patients it serves. With our global expertise and advanced solutions, FedEx is uniquely equipped to protect and deliver a wide range of time-sensitive, temperature-sensitive, high-value shipments, keeping you and your customers happy.

Medical device

When it comes to medical device shipments and inventory management, you need a network that keeps pace with your sales reps, builds loyalty, and achieves compliance while protecting and securing your valuable, time-critical shipments.

Ship medical devices

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Pharmaceutical and biotech

On the path from developing new pharmaceuticals and biologics to making a difference in the lives of patients, there are countless connections that need to go right. Whether your products are going to an in-home patient across the city or a clinic across the globe, we’re committed to making your supply chain reliable, secure, and compliant.

Improve supply chain

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When it comes to shipping specimens and samples for diagnostics, precision is essential because a patient’s correct diagnosis or treatment plan could depend on it. From the clinic to the lab, and even back again, the packaging and shipping process has to protect the outside people involved, as well as the specimen inside.

Learn about shipping specimens

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Providers and patients rely on your medical equipment to detect, treat, or monitor injuries and illnesses. You need to be confident that your products will reach their destination in the same condition in which they left your dock. Let us handle your medical equipment with the utmost care while keeping an eye on costs.

Ship medical equipment

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Clinical trials

Rarely is more investment or hope riding on a shipment than in the case of a clinical trial. To safeguard the health of future potential patients, every step must be exact and verifiable. At FedEx, we’re proud to provide the connectivity, product integrity, security, visibility, and experience necessary to support clinical trials.

Safeguard clinical trials

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